Oberheim Eight Voice #1

This is actually my original four voice upgraded with a four voice expander. The expanders case was given to me by a very gracious client. All it included was the chassis and the mixer module. 

The original sequencers you may have seen installed has been replaced with a working programmer. I had to hunt down 4 more same-rev SEM’s and 2 more programmer cards for this to work out, and it was no small endeavor. The polyphonic keyboard module has additional cards installed that we had reverse engineered based on the art work and populated with new CMOS.

All SEM’s in this are the 1080 revision, which I find to sound a bit snappier than the more common 1180 SEM. 

This Eight Voice was temporarily housed in a custom housing that replicated Geddy Lee’s monstrous eight voice with a minimoog built in. We exhibited this at Synthplex 2019 much to the excitement of many! It has since been torn apart and turned into a four voice again until we finally had the time to, over a year later, redo all the wiring for 8 voices. 

Credit for building the “moogerheim”:

Design, electronics config, yeller of expletives: Rob Rosen

“The Wood Shop Boys”:
Wood working & Metal Work: Spencer Shankle
Wood working and assist: Cesar Reyes