Synth Cabin Rate Sheet

Thank you for considering booking studio time at the Synth Cabin @ Rosen Sound!

The rates below represent the most common types of sessions we host. We know your project may not fit into the descriptions below, so please contact us with any questions. 

1-5 musicians (does not include entourage/guests)

Hourly Rate: $125 per hour, 2 hour minimum

8 hour day during average business hours (~9am to ~9pm): $800

8 hour day from afternoon to late night (~3pm to ~1am) $900

8 hour night owl session (~9pm to ~6am) $1100

Additional musicians (over 5) may require an additional engineer. If you bring your own engineer, there is no additional charge. Additional engineer starts at $250 with small surcharges depending on time of day booked.

No discounts can be given if you bring your own engineer as our engineers are needed to run the room and more importantly the synthesizers.

Of course we offer discounts for multi-day bookings.

We ask that the sessions have 10 or less people. It’s a good sized room, but it can get crowded quickly.

We can happily facilitate rental of any other gear you might need, including microphones and pro audio with no surcharges. 

Booking considerations:

  • If there is a specific piece of gear you’re hoping to use during your session, please let us know so we can make sure it’s present and not on outgoing rental. Most gear in the cabin have ready backups in the facility, but some others don’t, such as the CS-80, Synthi, ARP 2600, Waldorf Wave, and system 100m’s
  • Let us know if you plan to record the organ and Leslie speaker so we can prepare mic’s and i/o
  • The cabin is located inside Rosen Sound, LA’s premier vintage synth restoration/sales shop which is a warehouse type business. There is no lounge area for the cabin. 
  • The Cabin’s walls are lined with not only the most amazing sounding synthesizers, but also some of the most coveted and expensive models out there. Physical damage is billed to booking party. No smoking is allowed inside the room. Drinking is permitted however drinks should be kept on the coffee table and far away from the synths.
  • Our talented engineers are happy to help make sounds for your project, however cannot be asked to write or perform on your project without additional considerations like any other professional writing/recording scenario. Compensation for those types of scenarios can be worked out between the booking parties and our engineer’s privately.


COVID Guidelines

Our engineer’s are fully vaccinated and may run sessions with or without a mask, your preference.
While not a requirement, we would appreciate knowing your vaccination status before booking. 
Until the pandemic subsides, we ask that entourage is kept to a minimum.
If you don’t feel well, please reschedule your session.