Gear For Sale

Rosen Sound is one of the leading shops in vintage synthesizer repairs and restorations. Because of this, our repair backlog can span many weeks or months depending on so many factors. Often we are offered the opportunity to buy gear that is in need of service, or a client would like us to help sell their gear (this opportunity is available to you too) after we’ve finished repairing it.

Very often we will buy a choice piece of gear in decent condition, wait for a good opportunity to make it perfect it, and offer it for sale via Techno Empire. This makes the most sense for us for so many reasons. When an instrument is in much worse condition, or our client would prefer to have us sell their gear, we will make it available through us as a comission piece.

These instruments are currently not functioning, but have a 100% chance of successful restoration. We’ve determined this by checking them inside for all of their parts, and testing the rarer parts in working machines. We make sure any physically broken piece (keys, etc) are available in our stock or from a source, and they are purchased and set aside with the gear it was purchased for. Then, we wait for a buyer to commit to purchase the gear. Once the gear is purchased, the gear is worked on within 1 week, and usually ready for the buyer within 1 week of beginning service. Once it’s completed, they’re delivered in person or by mail, with the buyer responsible for shipping charges unless otherwise noted.