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The Best Synth Service – From Our Door To Yours

Now you can receive top notch synth service without ever leaving your studio. We offer flat rate services for some common jobs as well as standard service – just as if you were coming into our shop yourself!

In either case, here’s how it works:
1. Choose your listing below
a. Choose “Standard Service” if you simply have a synth in need of repair.
b. Choose one of our many flat rate services if you have an applicable synth that suffers from common ailments. Learn more by visiting the respective listing’s page.
2. We will ship the appropriate sized box to the address you enter on checkout
3. Ship the synth to us
4. When we receive it, we will notify you that we have received it, and then notify you of our findings within 1 week. In the case of flat rate service, we may opt to just get to work. For standard service, we will consult with you regarding an estimate.
5. Once the job is finished, we will provide video or photographic materials showing the new condition of your synth.
6. We will package the synth in the box provided and consult you to pay for shipping costs.
7. Your synth will head back to you and be ready to be played for time to come

Standard Service

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