Minimoog Octave Buffer Board


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This is a new production of the much-needed octave buffer board for the classic vintage Moog minimoog.

Please note that 90% of mini’s already have a buffer board installed from the factory. The dead giveaway is two screws present on the I/O panel (see photos). The buffer is only missing from very early mini’s, from RA Moog, Musonics era and through early Moog Music minimoogs. If yours has clear wheels, it only almost certainly does not have a buffer board. If you have cream (smooth) wheels, its a 50/50 chance. 

A telltale sign of needing it is the detuning of all oscillators when only one oscillator’s octave footing was changed.

Moog installed a buffer board in every minimoog once they discovered this ailment. Of course that board is no longer available… our’s is a modern board that accomplishes the same function.

This board has been Rev 2’d!
Rev 2 (not pictured) of the buffer board adds an additional V+ and V- tap to keep things neat when also performing the deadband upgrade (for V-) and/or installing a midi kit that requires a V+ tap. The wire pads have also been made slightly bigger to aid in installation. 


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