Moog Minimoog Model D Matched Resistor Set


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This set contains multiple sets of precision matched resistors to be installed into the Model D “old” 3046 based oscillator circuit board.

Why you would need this: This set is extremely useful if your mini suffers from oscillator to oscillator variations and instability.

The Minimoog uses common CV’s to all three oscillators that are delivered through many matched sets of resistors. These include tuning, pitch bend, octave, keyboard, and some others. These are detailed in the service manual. Through the years, these resistors may begin to vary in value and cause inconsistencies in the synthesizer, mostly in tuning. Unlike alternative sources on matched sets, ours includes 2 other sets of resistors not in the service manual that are commonly overlooked (detailed in install instructions) which we have found to be even more critical in oscillator stability.

These will not change the fundamental sound of the instrument. It will not take away it’s glory or timbre. It simply brings the unit back to the stability it featured from the factory. We recommend this for all minimoogs that come into our shop.

Installation of these resistors requires soldering.



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