RS80017A Installation Service



This listing is for parts + installation labor + return shipping of our new RS80017A Juno-106 voice chips.

How it works:
You remove and ship us your Juno-106 (or HS-60) module board (where the voice chips are), ship it to us, and we will send back your module board populated with RS80017A’s and fully calibrated.

Once you purchase this listing, our sales coordinator will contact you via email with removal and shipping instructions.

If you would like to send in your whole Juno-106 for service, we can help with that too. See this listing for more info.

Current lead time is 2 weeks or less

Important note:
We are able to fix all issues with your Juno-106 module board. If you board has other issues, we will fix those at usually no additional labor charge besides the parts needed. We will of course let you know what the board’s problems are and seek approval if the issue isn’t simple enough to handle while swapping out the voice chips.

Please do not attempt to fix it yourself (or of course calling upon the venerable “friend who did a good job fixing my guitar pedal”) before having this service done. We’ve had to clean up way too many messes over the years. Save the time, money, and headache, please!


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