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Keys. It’s what connects you to the often vast worlds of circuits inside your synthesizer. If key’s feel good, it makes the instrument a greater joy to play. The right bushings really can make a huge difference.

The action of your keyboard is not an area to compromise. Our bushings are not only proudly made in the US, but they’re also superior in every way to bushings you will receive from other suppliers (we’ve tried them all). If you don’t want to take our word for it, simply search out other suppliers product photos. Look closely to find closed ends, extra material hanging off, and crooked openings.

With our bushings, you will receive nothing but the highest quality and durability, free of manufacturing flaws and inconsistencies between pieces. With that in mind, we are aware they are more expensive than other sources. That’s because they are much more expensive to produce. A key bushing replacement should last multiple decades and we believe the extra cost is more than worth it in the long term.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Set Quantity

37, 44, 49, 61, 76


Key Bushings, packet of appropriate lubrication, directions

Common Sets

37: SCI Pro One
44. Minimoog
49: Emulator
61: Prophet 5, OBXA, PPG Wave
76: Polymoog

Not Used In:

Memorymoog, OB8 (most), Prophet 600, Juno, Jupiter, Polysix


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