Arp 2600

This Arp 2600 is a transition model featuring all of the internal nuances of an early Tonus 2600 while featuring the later treble clef Arp logo. This unit contains the coveted 4012 moog style filter.

This unit is modified with a less noisy reverb package and is fitted with high precision calibration to ensure it is in tune when it arrives at your session. It is delivered with a 3620 Duophonic keyboard.

The keyboard CV jack is modified so that when you plug a sequencer CV out into the jack it will send the CV to all three oscillators instead of requiring the user to waste a multiple. Further, this unit has all normal factory issued ECO’s installed, and also has had it’s noise circuit shielded away from the left speaker, providing a more pleasing experience to the user.

What you get when you rent this unit:
2600 Console
3620 Duophonic Keyboard
12x patch cables in varying lengths
2x 3.5mm – 1/4″ Female to plug this straight into your pre amp.
Oval power cord. Please do not lose this special cord!