Oberheim OB8

Our Oberheim OB8 is souped up to perfection. Besides being completely rebuilt, we have also opted to remove the original panasonic keyboard and replace it with a new old stock Pratt Reed/J Wire action, the action that came with the first OB8’s. This offers the most comfortable playing experience.

As for the software, it is running the latest B5 ROM and all page 2 functions work flawlessly. It also contains silk screening for page 2 allowing the user to fully utilize the intense modulation capabilities only found in the OB8. If you’re not familiar with the page 2 functions of the OB8, you’re sorely missing out on the most powerful modulation capabilities only found on the OB8.

It’s a common debate as to whether the OB8 and OBXa sound better or worse than one another. We have news for you. The OB8 is the exact signal path of the OBXa, except for the final output. This OB’s output stage has been modified to be like an OBXa, and is just as fat as any OBXa you’d stick next to it. The only difference is that the OB8 can stay in tune longer!