Yamaha CS-80

The Yamaha CS-80 was the first proper polyphonic synthesizer. Inside, it is a sea of miles of wire and discrete circuits. What makes a CS-80 so majestic is the insane matrix’s of diodes and transistors, only to be replicated by a single IC or two some few years after it’s creation.

Our CS-80 works perfectly, with proper dynamics on every note. It has been completely rebuilt, tuned, and stabilized for rental.

If you are even so much as dreaming of renting this piece, you probably know the intense and extraterrestrial sonic possibilities this synthesizer can produce. This is the ultimate machine for your film score.

Because of the value, size, and weight of this instrument, it does fall under it’s own set of rules for rental. It cannot be rented per day, only per week at a rate of $1600 per week. If you are a private party wishing to rent this machine, a guaranteed means of liability of $20,000 must be provided should the instrument become stolen or destroyed while in your possession.