The Lobby / RRS

This is the entry way to our shop. In this room, you will the widest of things. Larger, more behemoth instruments live in this room while they await repair or have boards taken from them for repair at our work benches.

This is also the room with gear from RRS. RRS is the “Robs Rare Synths” division of Rosen Sound, more simply known as the “for sale” section. 

Near the front door is our “done rack”, where synths live after burn in and completion while awaiting their inevitable pickup. 

The Work Shop

Our work shop is something we are very proud of. We have moved work shops 3 times already since our days in our old location (right next door) and we feel we got it near perfect this time around.

A work shop can be 1 of two things.. an area where gear is restored back to glory, or an area that leaves it in worse cosmetic and electronic shape than before. When we designed our benches, we designed them specifically for delicate synthesizer work. Each was made in our shop out of wood with a removable, twice yearly changed strip of synthetic (no static) carpet. 

On each bench has a not-too-old iMac to display schematics and allow us to share documents with one another. Each computer has a real prosumer grade audio interface with 4 inputs, cheesy reverb, and a set of 8 inch studio monitors hooked up. This is a major bragging area for us, as we know first hand our competitors usually are running tiny cruddy guitar amplifiers that surely weren’t designed for synthesizers. Each computer also has Logic Pro installed, so we can document audible malfunctions and their improvement after service. Additionally, the interface provides us a streamlined way to record and blast SYSEX files when needed, and run sequences from computer to midi equipped machines while they burn in after service. 

As for service equipment, each work bench is equipped with an analog oscilloscope, Fluke digital multi meters with real time meters, a professional grade soldering iron and more important a vacuum de-soldering gun. Additionally, we have component specific test equipment, and bench power supplies with custom jigs to power common modules and circuits during service. 

While it seems obvious, it’s worth noting we have also invested into the proper hand tools to get the job done right with little fuss. Each bench has an identical assortment of screw drivers of all common drive sizes and types, SAE and Metric sets of nut drivers and allen keys, and assortments of trim adjustment tools to suite the taste of our individual techs. 

The work shop as a whole is setup to flow with our workflow. Often, synths are awaiting parts and need a safe place to live in the interim. The most accessible rack in our palette rack area is specifically for machines awaiting their parts in the mail.